AXA Middle East has the pleasure to announce its new partnership with Adel Metni Foundation to promote safe driving. This program is a unique and exclusive service provided by this NGO offering professional and practical defensive driving education.

The AMF program is conducted by Mr. George Adel Metni, certified by the department of transportation D.O.T in the USA, Renault France and Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

This partnership’s main focus is to spread new road safety driving culture and ultimately reduce car accidents by offering FREE defensive driving training sessions to young AXA customers.

Participants will be :

· Treated to a valuable driving experience

· Offered a basic comprehensive car maintenance guide

· Educated on road safety and rules in Lebanon

· Given tools on how to behave in different dangerous/challenging scenarios

How it works?

The learning process offered in the Defensive Driving Training, avoiding traffic collisions, is based on a theoretical session followed by a practical session.

The theoretical part will provide our customer:

– In-depth understanding in anticipation of road hazards

– Perception of traffic

– Avoidance of crashes and stay in full focus and control.

It provides the basic learning of defensive driving and aims to reduce human errors behind the wheel.

The practical part is related to transferring theoretical knowledge into real time defensive driving mentality and skills. The program is entitled ‘defensive driving basics – DDB and allows the trainee to learn and practice professional and advanced driving maneuvers helping him/her to improve car control and focus in parallel to vehicle’s knowledge, checkups and driving modes.

Candidates who complete both parts of the training will receive a certificate of achievement of the DDB program.

*Eligibility: Candidates must be between 18 and 25 years of age and hold a driving license to participate