Axa Middle East Insurance Corporate Responsibility
We are making a difference for a better blooming tomorrow

At AXA Middle East, we cannot disregard the world and the circumstances we live in. Therefore, acting responsibly and authentically results in a high social and environmental impact, as well as the ability to influence the people around us.

“Corporate Responsibility” is the contribution of businesses to sustainable economic development and to the interests of society by taking responsibility for the direct and indirect impact of their activities on various stakeholders, including: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment. The “responsible corporation” lies at the crossroads between social development, respect for the environment and economic performance.

With the twin concepts of sustainable development and Corporate Responsibility, society recognizes the essential role of businesses in its own development and expects this economic enabler to be leveraged today for the benefit of future generations as well.

Why does AXA believe sustainability and Corporate Responsibility warrant strategic attention?

  • It is our inherent responsibility: as one of the world’s largest corporations, we have a role as an international corporate citizen; and as a company whose business is to protect people over the long term, we have a responsibility to help build a more sustainable society.
  • It is essential to build the trust of employees (CR is a key driver of employee motivation and engagement, and influences graduates’ choice of employers), and the trust of customers, as CR is an increasingly significant driver of brand trust.
  • It is a risk/opportunity management imperative: CR enables AXA to cut costs and to limit certain business and operational risks, while maximising market opportunities in emerging or future commercial segments to generate new revenue streams.

AXA’s strategy is to place Corporate Responsibility both at the heart of its business as well as its day to day interactions with its stakeholders. It is through adopting a responsible behaviour, as well as through sustainability added-value products and services, that the Group is able to most effectively participate in social, environmental and economic progress.

Discover our strategy in video:

AXA’s 2020 Better Lives Partnership

Given the AXA Group’s newly defined purpose to empower people to live better lives, delivering on sustainability and responsibility issues is even more critical. AXA has defined a 5 year sustainability plan to deliver true impact in terms of better lives.

Three global transformation programs will help AXA partner in innovative ways and co-create with civil society in the realms of strategy, product, and service development. This internal transformation will be accompanied by concrete external commitments to partner for better lives by positively impacting 3 areas: the environment, society at large, and the individual lives of our customers.

The Environment – By 2020, we will reduce our own footprint and will leverage our core business of insurance and investment to help the world better face climate risk.
  • -25 % CO2 emissions vs. 2012
  • 3x green investments vs. 2015
  • 2x increase in renewable energy premiums vs. 2013
  • +45M€ in parametric insurance premiums vs. 2015
Society – By 2020, we will be more inclusive as a company and will find inclusive ways to extend protection and risk knowledge to those who do not have it.
  • 200K lives protected through global NGO partnerships
  • €100M invested in support of academic research on risk by 2018
  • 45M emerging customers served
  • 33% women in senior leadership roles
  • €350M invested in impact investing by 2020
Individual Lives – By 2020, we will be a trusted partner for our customers and will empower people to achieve positive health and safety outcomes while using their data responsibly.
  • 10x increase in active users of mobile prevention applications
  • Help clients become 50,000* years younger through wellbeing programs
  • 100% of AXA companies above average in terms of Net Promoter Score benchmark

*As measured by AXA PPP’s Health Age algorithm

Three global partnerships for better lives

Each pillar of our Better Lives plan is supported through a dedicated partnership with a civil society actor:

1. Partnering with cities: UN Habitat around resilient cities
  • Help the world better face climate risks through a partnership to promote risk-resistant building techniques in countries vulnerable to natural disasters.
2. Partnering in Africa: CARE around women’s financial education
  • Extend protection and risk knowledge to those who do not have it by renewing AXA’s collaboration with CARE for another 3 years.
3. Partnering for women: UNICEF around nutrition and health
  • Empower people to achieve positive health and safety outcomes, notably tackling child obesity in Mexico, through an innovative digital pilot that encourages women with young children to engage in healthy activities and better nutrition.

We believe that only by working together in partnership with society can we help to build better lives.